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This is a listing for one (1) Custom DFH Doll


Upon purchase of this listing, we will correspond via email to iron out the details.


You will choose...


Doll style - Amberwing, Imp, Baby, Sprite, Pixie or Wee Baby


Skin color - Peach, Golden, Dark Tan or Chocolate


Eye Color


Hair color and style - weft (straight or curly) or dread yarn.

** If you wish to use Teeswater locks, you will have to purchase those already dyed seperately. I have contacts you can use for this purchase. **


Ensemble - Halter dress, underwear and shoes or Jeans, Tshirt and shoes or Hoodie ensemble with shoes.



Since I will be making these dolls entirely on my own, they will all come with my trademark Dragonfly Tattoo on their ankle.



**Extra items such as Familiars, mini doll or Wee Baby (for Mystical Mama set) will all be added a-la-cart and will be priced accordingly. We can work those out when we hammer out the details.**

Custom DFH Doll