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Happy 10th Birthday DFH!

September 2018

Happy 10th birthday DFH! On September 2nd we celebrated ten years of Waldorf inspired doll and Critter making. It’s hard to believe we have been going for so long. There are so many wonderful memories. So many awesome mamas and papas. So many adorable little happy faces. Looking back, it’s hard to find the right words to thank you all for allowing us into your lives. It has been a true joy making something that’s only purpose is to bring happiness and make people smile…especially children. We were blessed with many opportunities to make special friends for children in need and children who were going thru some very difficult times. It has been an amazing journey.

Like all journeys, we often don't know where we will end up. We might begin on one path only to find ourselves heading in a completely different direction toward a different opportunity. This is where we are today. As many of you already know, my novel is coming out in April of 2019 with three more follow up novels to be released over the next three years. My life has taken me down another path. I am excited and nervous. Revisions are being wrapped up on my first novel before I hand it back to my editor at the end of the month (I have a deadline for September 28). After that, the real work begins. As usual, I will keep you updated as that progresses. If you would like, feel free to follow my author pages on FB or IG. Here are the links… N.L. McLaughlin FB N.L. McLaughlin IG As time moves on, these are where you will find me most often. Now, back to DFH...