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-Our Philosophy-

We believe that childhood is the most important period of time in a person's life.

It's a time of magic, excitement, wonder and exploration.  A time when every day is a new adventure.  Trees are play structures.  Twigs, rocks and moss are building tools.  Dirt and mud are pretend food or clay for creating tiny sculptures.  Tree limbs are anything from a support post for a secret fort to a sword for battling imaginary adversaries. 


Dolls and stuffed animals are the important, ever present childhood companions that help children to learn about empathy and compassion for all creatures.

It is during these earliest years where we learn some of the most important lessons of our lives.  By fueling our creativity thru imaginative play, we learn there are many different ways to mold our surroundings. Many different ways to simply be.  We learn to trust our own instincts and how to problem solve.

We at Dragonfly's Hollow believe that children's toys should be simple, natural and encourage open ended imaginative play.  They should not require instructions, batteries, power supplies, a user's guide or adult supervision.

Our toys are simple in design yet sturdy and colorful.  We use eco friendly, natural materials and we make each and every one by hand, one at a time. Simply put, each one is as unique and individual as the child who holds them. 

We are glad you have found us.  We wish you and your littles many wonderful adventures, happy smiles and sweet hugs. 

Littles don't stay little forever, so be sure to enjoy every moment with them.


Keep Childhood Simple,

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